10 Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas That Work

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July 11, 2020

It’s becoming more evident that lots of people are beginning to see the enormous benefits attached to eating at a restaurant, and would, therefore, opt for a restaurant instead of home cooking. Unsurprisingly, there has also been a relative increase in the number of restaurants available. Taking a walk of 5meters-distance, you would probably see one or two restaurants along your way. As the restaurant industry becomes increasingly competitive, it’s more important than ever to harness every available means to promote your restaurant business as a restaurant keeper.

Your restaurant might have built an impressive track record, which is pretty good, but you still need to utilize more robust marketing techniques. Even if you’re confident that your restaurant is one of the best in the city or town, that’s not enough. You can still boost your sales. And if your restaurant business seems stuck, and you record daily losses, there are solutions you can apply.

Whichever state your restaurant business is present, whether the fast-selling restaurant or the stuck one, luckily, the unique ideas given here will help you to take your restaurant business to the next level. Like Pinocchio’s Italian eatery achieved a 16.7% increase in their sales, you can also enlarge your restaurant marketing. So, let’s explore the unique ideas that will help fire up your restaurant business.

1. Local Search Engine Optimization

Gone are the days when customers have to move from one place to another, searching for restaurants. In this digital age, all they need to do is make some minimal internet search, and an exhaustless list of nearby restaurants will be made available.

Therefore, if you want more business space for your restaurant, an essential step you should consider taking is making your restaurant available online locally. Consider getting your restaurant listed in a bunch of local directories such as Yelp, White Pages, Google Business, etc., engaging in local SEO. The more places you’re online, the easier it will be for prospective customers to find you. Never for once underestimate the power of local SEO, as it can increase your chances of being sighted by customers through local online searches. For effective local SEO, ensure you receive feedback, suggestions, reviews from your customers.

2. Build a Unique Website

Your website is the heart of your restaurant’s brand. Create an eye-catching and yet easy-to-navigate business website with an easy-to-read menu, featuring food items with their descriptions and nutrition information, newsletter sign box, online order button for pickup orders, etc. You can also include social media icons that link to your social media pages, including rewards, gift cards, contact location, and others.

3. Create a Social Media Presence

Social Media is an excellent platform to promote your local restaurant business. Consider using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others to spread the word about your new food items, recent news and positive reviews, food specials, and of course, to interact with your loyal customers.

Upload bright and enticing images of your food menu on social media so that they can represent your restaurant in the best possible way. Consider using hashtags to gain more followers and to increase your restaurant’s visibility. You can also create a Yelp account and encourage people to write reviews about your restaurant to attract more potential customers. Also, do well to handle the reported feedback, both positive and negative, in a kind and professional manner. You can use digital measurement tools like Google Analytics and Hootsuite to measure your social media success.

4. Organize Frequent Games and Contests

If you want to take in more customers for your restaurant business, you’ve to engage customers with frequent contests and games. For example, you can organize a free contest with promising rewards, asking participants to help name a new menu item, post personal photos related to your business or enter a drawing for a free meal. You can also organize outdoor games like ping pong games, table tennis, allowing customers to choose the type of games they find most suitable. Doing so will help you to connect with more people who might finally become your customers.

5. Update Your Menu Regularly

Most people don’t love eating the same type of food for extended periods or choosing from the same menu repeatedly as variety is the spice of life. Therefore, keep your list fresh with an updated look and feel to keep your customers returning. You can research and accordingly prepare the latest eats, fries, and meals to attract and keep your customers.  

6. Create a Regular Email

One successful way to promote your restaurant business to the local market is via email marketing. Utilize emails to showcase new food items, discounts, and other restaurant-related news to your customers, thereby keeping your restaurant in front of your customers. Having your customers’ emails will also help you keep them updated with relevant information about your restaurant.

7. Establish a Customer Loyalty Program

If you don’t have a customer loyalty program, now’s the right time to do so. Come up with a wide range of compelling reward offerings like freebies, coupons, discounts, or exclusive promos to assure your customers of your constant love. Beyond the restaurant business, see how you lend a helping hand to interested customers to show that you have their best interests in mind. Let them feel you’re concerned about them too, and not only after their money or patronage.

8. Partner with Delivery Services

Consider partnering with delivery services to widen your marketability. As you increase your reputation, more customers who are not in your locality might decide to patronize your restaurant. Therefore, depending on your customers’ location, carefully select delivery services that will make available your services to your clients. Factors to watch out for in choosing a delivery service are the speed of the delivery service, the quality, and what have you. Of course, service enjoyed outside your restaurant will probably cost more but ensure you set considerable prices for your customers. Also, create a list of customers who might be interested in future purchases of your services.

9. Organize Engaging Local Events

Plan a promotion around a big event nearby, like a concert or festival. You can invite respected local or big-time celebrities depending on your budget to attend your event, which will possibly attract a broad audience. Doing so will help to drive your business and generate awareness about your restaurant to a much larger audience who attends the event.

10. Build an Excellent Reputation

Yeah, this is the last secret even though many restaurant keepers give it little or no consideration. Build a remarkable reputation for yourself and your business, and treat your customers with utmost respect and relevance. Consider offering quality and affordable services to your customers, and your restaurant will soon be a popular go-to for people in need of restaurants’ services.


The ideas given in this article will undoubtedly increase your sales and patronage but do not apply them with hasty expectations. Some of the few things they might cost are your hard work and patience, but in no time, you’ll see their excellent results. Therefore, go ahead, apply those ideas, and take your restaurant business to your dream level. It’s all yours now.

Bar & Grill: 4 Reasons for a Family Eat Out at a Local Restaurant

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March 2, 2020

How often do you eat at local restaurants?

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or…


Whichever is the case, you can benefit from dining out with friends or family.

Food served at a local restaurant smells, looks and tastes great, and can be nutritious.

There’s an increase of individuals and groups eating out at local restaurants. According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2004, half of the total food expenditures in the nation go to meals eaten out at restaurants.

More and more consumers are realizing the vast benefits of eating out at restaurants.

Eating out is a hotly debated topic with critiques citing it a waste of money and time, atop being unhealthy. However, eating out isn’t just about eating.

And, you can make healthy food choices when eating out instead of ordering pizza, burgers, and fries. Restaurants also serve fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

What’s more, the best way to gain from eating out is when it becomes an occasional break from cooking at home (it can be tiresome) or enjoying a celebratory event with friends or family.

Whether you’ve never eaten at a local restaurant or do so often, you can benefit from eating out in many ways. It doesn’t matter if you eat out alone or with friends and family.

A restaurant can serve any of the following functions:

  • Provide a conference room for business deal negotiation over a meal
  • Be a point of gathering for friends and family to celebrate special events
  • Be a regular hangout joint to eat your favorite dish or soup
  • Be a romantic hideaway for love birds on special dates.

Here’re a few ways you can gain from eating out at your favorite restaurant:

Top 4 Ways Eating Out Can be Beneficial to Individuals and Groups

  1. The convenience of worry-free eating

Whether you enjoy cooking or not, eating outcomes with lots of convenience for all. You get to enjoy tasty meals without worrying about buying the right ingredients and finding recipes.

You also don’t have to think about how much time it’ll take you to cook and later clean up the kitchen.

Although preparing your meals is less costly than eating out, an occasional eat out is a treat that can do you more good than harm. It’s also a good way to get inspiration for recipe ideas for meals to prepare at home.

If you live a hectic life or often deal with busy schedules, you may not have enough time to prepare meals at home. Eating out can help you balance your work-home life and spend some quality time with your family.

According to USDA, convenience is a major driver for individual or family eat-outs. However, it’s important to make healthy food choices to continue benefiting from your eat outs.

Millennials love convenience.

  1. Better communication and family bonding time

Unlike dining at home, your family can enjoy prolonged dinner or lunch at a local restaurant without distractions. You’d eat in no hurry and thus spend more time together.

Dining out eliminates the need to worry about household chores or eating quickly to get onto doing something else. With more time eating together, your friends or family can focus on communication.

Eating out is also a good way for you and your business associates or colleagues to escape distractions at the workplace to better focus on your discussions.

With more time to talk, your kids can improve their communication or conversation skills, gain new experiences and learn new things.

What’s more, spending more time together, talking and engaging in discussions fosters bonding. This ensures you get closer to your friends or family. You develop a strong emotional bond among yourselves.

Food is also served at once for everyone to eat together while enjoying a great conversation.

  1. Taking a moment to relax your body and mind

When you decide to eat out with friends or family, you can also take that opportunity to relax. Most restaurants offer live music, spas, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and massages for you to relax while at the venue.

For instance, different kinds of massages offer a relaxing spa-like experience for visitors. You can get a full body massage or one targeted on a specific body part.

Restaurants with massage parlors have invested in the best massage chairs, essential oils, and masseuse for an exceptional experience.

  1. Diverse food choices and health

Restaurants serve food from different cultures, including cuisines, décor, and music. You get to eat foods either you can’t prepare or can’t access due to costly ingredients.

With a diverse menu at a local restaurant, there’s something for each of your friends or family. You access diverse meals to try out for every unique taste of your family members.

You can try out something new, a traditional dish or order your favorite meal from your local restaurant. Menus vary and restaurants offer extra information on each to help you make healthy food choices.

For instance, you may be keen on gluten-free or trans-fats-free meals for unique dietary needs.

According to a 2010 federal law, restaurants should label and display calories amounts for each menu to help you make healthy meal choices.

Your kids also learn to be open minded when it comes to try out new meals. Additionally, some local restaurants serve local foods made from fresh local produce.

Utopia in DC offers exceptional and diverse menus, sensational music and art in an ambient environment for a family eat out.

Resto Bar’s with Foosball Tournaments

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October 2, 2019

Apart from just relaxing and taking a beer or coffee, restaurant owners must have some additional services that will glue customers to their premises. There are times where someone would not want to go home, at the same time he needs to get away from the norm and just do something different. There are many ideas you can incorporate within the restaurant to add value to the customers.

Foosball is among the….

game. Take note, you are not doing another business but rather you are just trying to create social interactions among your customers. You may have a restaurant with a foosball bar. You will attract a variety of customers. Take note these people will not just come to play foosball, they will have a drink or something to bite. Will, you not have made some profits? Will you not give people reason to always come and visits? The longer one stays in the restaurant the more one will spend. What else do you need?

This could be the beginning of foosball competition which you can tailor it to generate money. These are how the big betting companies came with such ideas bit now on the digital platforms.

Why is it important to have a foosball in the restaurant?

Health experts advocate for physical activity at all costs. It is therefore upon you to use this to make people still come to the restaurants as well as engages in physical activity.

People love to interact. If you check, you notice that most of the social groups come as a result of something common between the members. There is foosball that brings you together. The brains behind it will come up with something bigger and better than what it is now such that you have a foosball club. This can translate to yet other investment clubs, tournaments, festival geared towards foosball.

This is a game that is gaining inroad….

just like football. A foosball sponsor can now take it up upon himself to make sure that the club moves to greater heights. You maybe even a host to most of the foosball competitions. Is that not a new market? In the hospitality industry, there is a peak and off-peak hours. This is only when you opt to run a routine restaurant. You need to make money at all times, a foosball will not only popularize the place but also make you busy all the time. You will have night reveler, day revelers, evening walk-in customers that might even force you to expand due to demand.

A World of Competition

You are in a world of competition; you have to prove that you have a reason to manage a high market share than the competition.

With foosball, trust me you will get both novices and experts and depending on how you make the event, they will be return customers.

When you now enjoy all the fame just because of the foosball game; it is important not to compromise on the quality of service as well as ambiance. Get to know what brought the customers in the first place and strive to maintain the quality service.

Table Tennis Bar and Restaurant

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January 31, 2019

This trend is getting long-standing and known to everyone that some restaurants have a playing area for children. Anew and an exciting trend is taking its place that is to have an area reserved for people who are interested in sports with the introduction of a game in that area which is in most cases a Table Tennis. It takes little space of your restaurant and enhances the value of your restaurant and bar. Many people nowadays are diet conscious and want to be fit and fine so they don’t like to eat a lot without any exercise. Many people go to bars and restaurants just to drink and enjoy in order to get rid of their hectic lives and routine activities. Customers are served with multiple types of foods and drinks at restaurants and bars, it is a wrong concept that only people having alcohol addiction go to bars and grills. People also go to these places just to have fun with friends or family and it is very helpful for everyone in improving social relationships.

Most people especially diet conscious people prefer to go to a place where they can eat as well as play a light sport in order to stay super active and healthy. The trend of Table Tennis Bars and Restaurants was generally generated from the idea of beer bong game that used to be played in most of the bars previously. But now different entrepreneurs and people having some kind of businesses related to eatery have added their own unique thinking and style to the previous idea of beer pong and converted it into an exciting and active game that is Table Tennis and it is also known as PingPong’ sometimes. You can easily find many restaurants and bars nowadays which are serving you with the same theme and idea and most of the time refer themselves as a Table Tennis Bars and Restaurants’. As table tennis keep the customers engaged and busy at the restaurants so the demand for such sports items in restaurants is increasing.

A lot of bars and restaurants are available which are serving their customers with the best services but the competition among them is on the peak. In order to capture more customers, it is very important for many eateries to add more facilities like table tennis area in their bar or restaurant which will increase their profit and will attract the attention of a number of customers. The reason for its popularity is the advantages that it brings whatever purpose of Table Tennis . By going to any Table Tennis bar and restaurant:

  • You can get a variety of food, drinks, and entertainment under one roof along with a table tennis
  • It helps people to socialize more when they gather at the same place for a game.
  • It will enhance the mental ability and sense of humor.
  • It will burn your calories and you will stay slim and smart.
  • Youngsters can enjoy game competitions with their friends.
  • It will save your money as you don’t have to two different places for having a meal and playing table tennis.

Overall, if we see Table Tennis Bar and restaurants have numerous advantages and their customers are increasing day by day. Table Tennis is getting them an increase in their profit too. Table tennis in restaurants and bars is a comprehensive package available to people either interested in food and drinks or in playing table tennis

Why Bar and Grills Should Have Table Tennis Area

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August 10, 2018

Basically, bar and grills are places where people go to drink and enjoy in order to get rid of depression and routine activities. Multiple types of food and drinks are served to the customers. It is not true that only addictive of alcohol goes to the bar and grill, people also go there to enjoy with friends. It is also helpful to enhance your relations socially.

There is a variety of bar and grills which are present for the service of customers. Likewise, there is a huge competition between bars and grills to provide facilities in order to attract the attention of consumers. One of the most prominent and functional tricks is an addition of table tennis area within the boundaries of bar and grill. Perhaps, it seems like an unusual combination but, improvisation of bar and grills with the addition of a table tennis area is quite impressive and profitable. It is purely based on the type of consumers which visit the bar and grills regularly.

Table tennis is also known as ping pong. It is one of the most played indoor games in Europe and North America. Inclusive addition of table tennis area in bar and grills will enhance the attraction towards bar up to seventy percent. Similarly, it also has the following advantages:
– Playing table tennis in a bar will provide you with entertainment and food services under one roof.
– It will enhance your hand-eye coordination.
– It will help you to become vigilant and sharp. v It will burn your calories to keep you smart and fit.
– It will increase the intelligence level of the brain.
– A sense of humor will develop.
– The most prominent advantage of table tennis in the bar includes a social outlet. For instance, you will be able to get facilitate by bar items in collaboration with the experience of playing table tennis with your friends, family, schoolfellows or office companions.
– It will provide you a heavy dose of entertainment to release depression and tiredness of daily routine work.
– You will also save your time as well as money if you will get a table tennis area in bar and grill. For example, if you will have to play table tennis and also need to drink beer then, instead to visit two different places to play and drink, you will find both of facilities under one roof.
– Addition of table tennis in bar and grill will help you to maintain the positive repute of your business institution.
– Teenagers and other young fellows will get a chance to play with their friends in order to enjoy at full swing.

Overall, there are numerous benefits of the addition of a table tennis area in bar and grill. One thing which is imperative to understand is the nature of game and perspective of visiting bar and grill. If we merge both of the aspects than the combining effect of a game and bar will take your business to the new levels of success. It will not only attract the people which are addictive with drinking, but it will also attract the lovers of table tennis. It will be a comprehensive package to the customers. Good thing, there is great quality table tennis equipment that can be found online just like that in PPP.

Creative Things To Make Waiting Time in Restaurants Enjoyable

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July 4, 2018

Enjoyable According to the Harvard Business Review, when they can see how long it will take, people do not believe that they can wait and win. Monitoring work and progress can increase the value and appreciation of the service. While shorter waiting times can push your business forward and satisfy customers, this may not be the only way to improve customer service.

Creation of self-service facilities
According to the client’s experience, we usually talk about the importance of contact with people. A study by Stephen Van Belegem and SSI showed that 40% of respondents prefer to communicate with people for future business contacts. Whenever a successful chat session avoids a phone call, both the client and the organization will benefit.

If your organization uses the best web interface, has a paid self-service test or a floor representative with CRM systems that have a tablet, it can shorten the waiting time for technology and create a more pleasant customer experience that favors customer preferences. In the end, the equation is quite simple: fewer customers have to wait until someone helps their business, usually, they do not need to wait. Maybe play a game.

Focus on customer expectations
The impact of client waiting time inevitably depends on the content. Rarely, 15 minutes of waiting is recorded in your doctor’s office; A 15-minute wait at the fast food restaurant will take many customers on the train. What expectations do you have in your industry? If you have rapid oil changes, the waiting time should not be two hours. What are the expectations of your work in the past? We could be victims of our own gain. It does not matter; your client is waiting for a meeting for half an hour. It does not matter if your marketing has a warranty of 20 minutes or less. If you visited the client in less than ten minutes in the last five visits, this will be the expected expectation.

Previous offer proposal
Booking may not be practical for your business, but mobile pre-programming can help you be happy with your customers and keep your lines on one side. Unlike redundancy, programming with a mobile phone allows customers to register locally, receive text notifications, and enter a virtual queue. Customers can still work a bit on their Pads or videos and send emails themselves by looking at their line. Knowing when your lines will be, your customers can reduce their worries and comfort for how long to wait. For example, there may be a screen which shows some games that made it to Alabama football history record.

Eighty percent of those who took part in the software suggestion survey mentioned above said that their frustration would be reduced in advance, in whole or in part, to a minimum by telling them how long they would have to wait. Accelerating your communication with your customers can greatly affect the attitude of the waiting room.

Use of technology
Sometimes the waiting time depends on events that are unpredictable. Think of your courtesy and your customers with text updates while you wait. The areas, from emergency rooms to restaurants, have comprehensive customer service that covers this technology.

Advanced notice
A key factor in the dissatisfaction of the waiting period. Do not wait any longer for the customer’s arrival, but make sure you know the waiting time until your appointment is approved. If you can manage the logistics, it may take a long time to extend the waiting times for people on appointment days to reduce the disappointment of waiting. Be prepared to apologize: the same study that produced positive results when asked about waiting time also showed that 70 percent of respondents were less frustrated and teachers were waiting apologetically for that period of time The only thing you do should be to show how much you care about your customers is

Ping pong bar and Restaurant

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July 8, 2017

The hospitality industry has moved a step further and developed a niche in the business. Apart from just the delicious food, what makes customers come back to your restaurant or stay longer? Ping pong, pool table, foosball among other sporting activities give you an upper hand in controlling a higher percentage of the market share.

Ping pong, for example, gives the players a physical activity which acts as a workout plan as they unwind or go through the nightlife. A top choice for an outdoor table and fast speed bots portrays a classy and stylistic impression attracting both novices and experts in the field.

The concept of a tennis table within the premises of your restaurant serves the following purposes

Increases profits

When customers walk in, just eat, and leave, be sure the amount of money they spend is less compare to when they take small bites as they enjoy the ping pong game. The long hours of intensive table tennis game within the restaurants translates to more spending hence more profits for the organization.

An influx of players is a business opportunity; allow them to make subscriptions or a small fee to boost the spirit of competition. If you have renowned players, they will opt to use the chance to sharpen their skills. Go a notch higher and employ ping pong trainers to add a professional aspect to the games.

Value addition

For you to beat the competition in the hospitality industry, you have to move a stepfurther and incorporate value added services to allow you control a large market share. Table tennis widens your market scope and attracts diverse customers for the advantage of increasing sales volume to your restaurant. What else o you offer, after all, every restaurant has the best chef who makes the delicious meals and drinks.


The integration of physical activities like table tennis game in the restaurant gives your customers a different view of the mission of your business- promotion of goo health through physical activities. Unconsciously, they will relate it to the food you serve. Even if someone has no interest in the game, they will always prefer to visit the place allowing you to enjoy customer loyalty.

Improved contact hours

Ping pong is a physically intensive game which requires you to stay for longer hours within the sporting arena. The long contact hours in not in vain, it gives you a chance to interact with customers- a good venture to get feedback for the sake of business growth.

Social relations

Apart from just playing ping pong; the customer loyalty could generate to a high-level business club. Some of the renowned businesses arose because of same interests or a challenge in the course of having to practice their hobbies passionately.

Despite all the advantages and benefits of having a tennis table in your restaurant, great care is advisable to avoid affecting other customers who just need a quiet environment to enjoy their favorite drink or meal. You should also take into account the space available to avoid congestion among the ping pong lovers.