Utopia In DC

About The Founder, Mission And Vision

Martha M. Alford

Welcome to Utopia, the restaurant of choice in Washington DC. My name is Martha M. Alford, the founder of Utopia.

I have a passion for traditional and modern cuisines. If you miss a meal at Utopia, then probably it’s never discovered. We have the various clientele that we can’t afford to chase them aware of, but t give them value for their time.

I was a high-flying career lady with a passion for culinary arts. I spent most of my time away from home and slept in hotels of all caliber. One thing I noticed is the lack of information on international cuisines.

Since hotels were my main meals, I need natural foods as if I’m eating from home. That is something I lacked.

Once my contract ended, I never accepted its renewal and decided to follow my passion. Al the disappointments, failures and successes I saw in m line of duty during meal times are all addressed at Utopia.


We offer excellent restaurant services to both high-end and low-end customers to quench their thirst for good food.


To be a leading traditional and modern restaurant- a one stop-restaurant for foods from all walks of life, including races.