The simple question that can make or break the image of a restaurant is how clean and attractive the toilet is. Yes, as strange as it may sound, almost everyone has a liking towards a bathroom that exudes non-smelly vibes and cleanliness. Everyone is judgmental, and your toilet could be the next victim if it’s poorly maintained.

How many of you have gone to a restaurant and not used the toilet? Well, is not that a rarity? We enter the toilet for various reasons, be it to wash hands, use the mirror to see if we look okay or the obvious purpose it serves too. Toiletry stands as the essential component in every space you plan to build. The fact that toilets deserve more attention is a pressing topic and no one would disagree.

An instant review of a dirty and smelly toilet could put a large black dot on the restaurant reputation. What could be done to avoid this? Here’s a checklist of the best measures for a toilet to keep your restaurant image up and rising:

Good design — The foremost thing is to plan the restaurants in such a way that the kitchen and toilet aren’t adjacent. If it is adjacent, it will reflect upon the image of the eatery as reckless and poor planning.

Hygienic — How important is it for the toilet to maintain a hygienic front at times? VERY IMPORTANT. The hygiene in the toilet would indirectly affect the quality of the place and the food. Nobody wants to go into a badly maintained toilet however amazing the food was.

Incorporate Technology — Even if you need to shell a little more than usual, it is advisable to invest in updated technology. The newest and most thoughtful trend in the toilet space has been the composting toilets. These toilets turn your human waste into fertilizer in an odorless manner and require less maintenance too which saves on cost! Check out the best composting toilets that are worth a buy here:

Brands That Are Known — Invest in brands that have already carved a name for themselves. This will help with better purchases, accessible service centers and better chances of replacements and bonuses. The one brand that we would go all out and trust is Kohler. Anyone would trust this impeccable brand due to its top-quality products. See the Kohler products that are making their way into every toilet here:

Have you incorporated these 4 points into your restaurant’s toilet? Then, forgo all worries about negative reviews on your toilet. Making smart toilet choices can save you money and preserve all your fame.

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-planned smart toilet. Everyone loves to go to the toilet, deck up and then come back to have good food. Your priorities have to be in the same order too. Let us know if these points helped you save your restaurant’s image. Good day!