The pool is a very well known cue sport, or it can be thought of as a broader classification to the cue games. It is a pocket game that requires a pool table having six pockets. Among the six open pockets four are placed at each corner of the table, and the remaining two finds its place at the mid of the longer sides.

Pool tables are now in extensive use at bars and restaurants. Pool tables keep the guests occupied in the restaurants. Billiard tables can be used as a more specific term for these tables. The increasing demand of pool tables for bar and restaurants have made the supply at the manufacturing end increase.

This brand of pool table offers us the most widely available choices. The quality and material used by this brand are of high quality ensuring its long-lasting use.

If we look deep into the sizes offered by this brand of pool tables they come in varying sizes. They have 9ft, 8.5ft, 8ft and 7-foot table available in there store and all are rectangular, that is, they come in the ratio of 2:1. But what is typically used by bars and restaurants reach in 7 foot and even 6-foot size range? The playing surface for by a 7-foot table is 76 inches by 38

The game played on these boards may vary, it can be an eight ball game, a seven-ball match, etc, .and the tables are compatible for all sports.

The six pockets consist of a drop pocket to carry the ball. The back of the table is made of plastic and has a funnel-like structure to give the dropped ball. These drop pockets can be cups, small nets or bags to catch the dropped ball. The ball passes this funnel-like structure to make its way into the chamber that collects all kind of shots.

This brand of pool table also allows us to use the modern form of the pool table in which only paid games can be played. This type of pool table is in more use at bars and restaurants. In this the drop pocket catches the ball and collects all the balls in a chamber which opens only when it is paid for the next game otherwise all the balls remain raised in the house alone.

The size of the ball that can be used for playing pool on tables of this brand follows the standard sizes. That is, the shots range from 2.25 inches in diameter to 2.375 inches in diameter.

The billiard tables covered with smooth felt. This soft felt comes in some color or to be precise there are more than 25 colors available in the chart. This brand of pool tables offers us with the best quality felt. The felt used is made of wool and contains the required percentage of nylon as well. The felt comes as both the traditional felt and worsted fabric, and they both provide the necessary stretch and durability needed by the billiard tables.

And what makes this brand a better choice is the low price range that it offers its buyers. The high-quality material along with long lasting durability and a lower price range has been the primary objective of this brand.