Utopia established itself as a cornerstone of the U Street renaissance 12 years ago and has steadfastly maintained its influence on the neighborhood.

An exciting colorful and offbeat dining and drinking establishment, Utopia is the epitome of artistic and culinary flare. With its New York/SoHo-style exotic decor, featuring high ceilings, rich colors, exciting art, live jazz and fabulous staff, the restaurant provides a sensual feast for the eyes, ears and taste buds. The eclectic international menu features a range of specialties from a Creole gumbo and Cajun jambalaya, to a Moroccan seasoned lamb couscous and Jamal’s cumin chicken.

Utopia’s walls are filled with art and books. Over the long mahogany bar art by owner Jamal Sahri brightens the walls and the back room gallery features works by other local artists.

Come and excite your senses with a Utopian experience