So, when last have you taken a shower in a bar? I don’t mean a shower spay of beverages, I mean a freshening-up shower. I can literally feel the weird look on your face as you reading! I had a unique experience a little while ago and I feel it’s my duty to share it with you. So here goes.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a friend’s birthday party which was being held at an “activity bar.” The invitation had some instructions, pack a bag with extra clothes, at least 2 sets. The party was set to start at 12 pm till very late. At first, I was curious about the instructions and enquired about it, the answer was there are activities.

No clarity at all. Upon arrival, I started to understand why. The venue had more variety of indoor and outdoor activities available for patrons. Our group numbered about 40 people and we got right into it! Throughout the day I saw loads of other people enjoying the events with us, couples, friends and families as well.

When we lined up for the time trial, I understood the extra clothes instructions. It was a 1,5mile track with way too many obstacles for my unfit body. But I was having such fun that I did not my huffing and puffing distract me. Needless to say, we had great fun on the track but at the end, we were covered in dust, gravel and even mud!

I was about to ask for some serviettes to clean up a bit when we were pointed in the direction of the cleaning station. WOW. Imagine my surprise when I walked into what I can only describe as a fully equipped shower sensation. Several showers, all with dual shower heads and a range of soaps and amenities.

Best shower I had in a long time! I could not find anything to fault. Whilst I was enjoying the amazing water pressure and never ending hot water I got to thinking. Why don’t more bars and restaurants have shower facilities? Let’s forget about the activities for a second, think about how many times you have been out for a big night where you could have used a quick splash and dash shower?

Being a bit of a party animal, big nights are a plenty in my life however you need not be a party animal to appreciate the concept. More than the practical applications in some cases, as with our venue, there are some other ways it could be a great idea. For starters, it could be part of the theme of the establishment or it could just be there for those unexpected spills that do happen every now and then.
Of course, I am not suggesting that it should be an extravagant shower like the one we had but a neat classic shower just in case. I do believe that a powerful shower head and water pressure is very important though. No beach showers please unless the bar is on the beach of course.
Shower facilities in bars and even some restaurants could be the next big thing in my opinion. We had a great day but for me, the fact that the owners took some time to kit out the shower facilities was something that really stuck in my mind. It made my day!

It made the whole experience so much more memorable and enjoyable. So, if you are in the bar and restaurant business, here is a challenge – Put in a shower!