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The choice of your favourite restaurant where you register your loyalty depends not only on the quality of services but also on the value-added services you get once on the premises.

You can’t judge a good restaurant from the high-end interior design, customer service, the type of food and hospitality you experience, while some of the determinants of excellent service. The five-star or three-star ratings look at the kind of service to suit a specific clientele. The high-end hotels have personalized functions to be given that rating. You get to a restaurant for many reasons; if what took you there is way below your expectations, then looking for an alternative is your ultimate option. Restaurant owners should map their clientele and understand their needs, determining the kind of service to offer. Being flexible is also a plus to quickly tailor the type of service and food based on demand. At times, customers may push you to provide a specific cuisine and have no option but to do it. As long as there is a market for it, what then do you need?

History of Utopia

Our journey is a sad, encouraging and enjoyable experience. Imagine from a high-flying corporate executive to a business lady.

The culture shock, the financial drain and the emotional drain almost led me to think twice about Utopia.

However, the milestones we have surpassed to be where we are encouraging stories to upcoming entrepreneurs.

Do you know that no one stepped into our restaurant for a whole week even to ask for the price of a simple snack?

If we never closed at this time, then we will probably not. We had to feed the homeless with food instead f throwing it to the dustbins to a point people felt we are a non –profit-making organization.

The game-changer was the selfless act. One of the well-wishers gave us a contract to supply food for the homeless for three months.

That is what kept us afloat for some time. With time, people came to our restaurant not to enjoy the meal but also felt it was helping the homeless get a meal.

We capitalized on their decision and provided exemplary service to keep having new and existing customers every day.

The personalized orders were a plus for us. We could make any meal from whatever cuisine and crack it to customer’s satisfaction.

That is when we ended up having the several services we offer to ensure our customers are comfortable and relaxed while on our premises.


The services offered

Self Service

We have buffet services where you get to serve to your fill. Home service away from home, at an affordable rate, you get to enjoy two proteins, two carbohydrates, a fruit and a drink of choice.

Waiter service

When you want to relax and enjoy a waiter service, then you only need to take your seat and wait for our waiters to offer you excellent service at your disposal.

Fine dining

Do you have a special day and you want to celebrate it in style. Talk to our customers and let us know how you want it done. Our work is to actualize it to your satisfaction.

Special orders

We have resident chefs with skills in major global cuisines. You only need t let us know what you want and how you want it prepared. Within minutes, you will have it to your satisfaction. We also accommodate people with special dietary needs and want to have a unique experience in our restaurant. All we ask from you is patience as we prepare, and you will never regret the wait. During this time we offer a drink of choice at our cost.

Take away service

Are you tired of preparing a meal after a hard day’s work? Do you want t to enjoy our food in the comfort of your home? Our take-aways and well-packaged foods meet all the health standards to suit your expectation.

Online delivery

With the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns in the State, we have online deliveries to ensure you still enjoy our meals at the comfort of your home.

Customer loyalty program

We value our loyal and repeat customers; therefore, we allow you to accumulate points based on what you eat and redeem them for any of our services at whatever time at the current rates. We do this using a loyalty card that you use to accumulate points anytime you purchase from us.

Outside catering service

Are you hosting an event? Do you want your guests also to enjoy our cuisines using our dedicated staff? Talk to us and share your menu with us and the expected number of guests to offer you food service at an affordable cost.

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