Top 5 restaurants in Delhi

Delhi is a great place to visit and there are so many things to do. If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Delhi, we’ve got you covered! These are 5 of the top restaurants in Delhi that have delicious food at an affordable price. 1) The Taj Mahal Restaurant– this restaurant has some of […]

Why Bar and Grills Should Have Table Tennis Area

Basically, bar and grills are places where people go to drink and enjoy in order to get rid of depression and routine activities. Multiple types of food and drinks are served to the customers. It is not true that only addictive of alcohol goes to the bar and grill, people also go there to enjoy […]

Creative Things To Make Waiting Time in Restaurants Enjoyable

Enjoyable According to the Harvard Business Review, when they can see how long it will take, people do not believe that they can wait and win. Monitoring work and progress can increase the value and appreciation of the service. While shorter waiting times can push your business forward and satisfy customers, this may not be […]

Ping pong bar and Restaurant

The hospitality industry has moved a step further and developed a niche in the business. Apart from just the delicious food, what makes customers come back to your restaurant or stay longer? Ping pong, pool table, foosball among other sporting activities give you an upper hand in controlling a higher percentage of the market share. […]